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Pine nuts – fresh, healthy, wild!

PINE NUTS: Soft Shell 2016 harvest - LARGE, GRADED, raw, wild harvest

AA premium Nevada soft-shell nuts. Sorted, size-graded (small nuts removed), fresh 2016 American pinyon pine nut harvest. Super soft shell preserves full flavor (crack with fingers). Ultimate premium sized fresh nuts. Ship forest direct. Wild. RAW. Pinus monophylla species. Almost gone.
Grade AA (Large)
1-9 lb: $19.95/lb
10+ lb: $17.50/lb
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Pinon Soft Shell Nuts - 2016 harvest

Our legendary pine nuts. Fresh 2016 American pinyon pine nut harvest. Super soft shell preserves full flavor (crack with fingers). Amazing. Wild. Fair-trade. 100% natural - straight from the tree, nothing added. Pinus monophylla species. Holiday Sale good through 12/30. Other discounts do not apply.
1-9 lb: $13.50/lb       10+ lb: $9.99/lb - Holiday Sale thru Dec. 30!       In Stock
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AMERICAN PINE NUTS - Hard Shell Pinon, raw, wild

This is the hard-shell variety with the kernels famous for their sweet rich flavor. These are LARGE. Raw. Wild. Fair-trade. 100% natural - straight from the tree, nothing added. Species: Pinus edulis. Fresh October 2016 harvest. Almost gone.
1-9 lb: $22.50/lb       10+ lb: $19.95/lb       In Stock
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In-shell American Hickory Wild Nuts. Fresh from the Ozarks, new 2016 harvest. Order more and save big! Hurry! Order now before they sell out.
5 lb: $25.00   $19.95 SALE!       10 lb: $34.95       In Stock


Fresh wild black walnuts. In-shell to preserve their amazing taste. Genuine Wild, not plantation-grown. The old-time full-bodied black walnut flavor. Nothing added. Raw, never heated. Hulled, sorted, washed, then gently air-dried in partial shade. The real, non-adulterated nuts from the wilderness of the Ozark mountains! We love our black walnut trees and never shake them to knock nuts down - we hand-pick at full maturity to deliver you the stunning taste and goodness. From the tree straight to your door - this is what we call fresh! Please see our Black Walnut Fact Sheet (.pdf file, will open in a new tab) for detailed description and to learn how they are different from commercial nuts. In Stock.
10-lb box: $24.95       $19.95    Shipping now


Fit for the royal table, our Ozark wilderness honey is awesome. Produced in a serene remote location in southern Missouri with one of the highest biodiversities on the planet. Wild forests and clear streams for many miles around means wildflowers totally free of pesticides or industrial pollutants. We never treat bees or hives with chemicals, never feed bees sugar, propagate by natural swarming only, and use none of the cruel methods of modern beekeeping. Kept in a way that mimics how they live in nature, our bees are healthy, strong, and thriving. August 2016 harvest. This aromatic batch has light flavor with peach overtones and golden color! Read Thirteen Reasons Our Honey Is Totally Unique. Raw and unfiltered, never heated. Straight from the hive. Safely packed in gift-quality hexagonal glass jars. Instant hit - order now! In Stock
$19.95 per 8-oz jar     2-5 jars: $14.95/jar     6+ jars: $12.95/jar
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If you've never tasted comb honey from wild bees, you are in for a treat. These chunks of honeycomb are packed with flavor that will redefine your views on real honey. These waxen cells contain honey that was naturally aged inside the hive, absorbing all its aroma and goodness, including the queen bee's pheromones! It has rich deep flavor with citrusy overtones, and each comb tastes different. This honey is high in pollen count from a myriad of wildflowers and specially processed by the bees. It makes for an amazing and satisfying tasting experience. Produced at our own apiary to the highest standards of natural beekeeping, in a remote ecologically pure location. November 2016 harvest. Large chunks of honeycomb are packed in quart mason jars. Raw and never heated or processed. Straight from the hive as bees made it. Read Thirteen Reasons Our Honey Is Totally Unique. Order now - only several pounds left!
$34.95/lb     In Stock
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