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Pine nuts – fresh, healthy, wild!

PINE NUTS: Soft Shell 2016 harvest - LARGE, GRADED, raw, wild harvest

AA premium Nevada soft-shell nuts. Sorted, size-graded (small nuts removed), fresh 2016 American pinyon pine nut harvest. Super soft shell preserves full flavor (crack with fingers). Ultimate premium sized fresh nuts. Ship forest direct. Wild. RAW. Pinus monophylla species. CLEARANCE PRICING! ORDER NOW!
Grade AA (Large)
1-9 lb: $16.95/lb
10+ lb: $15.50/lb
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Pinon Soft Shell Nuts - 2016 harvest

Our legendary pine nuts. Fresh 2016 American pinyon pine nut harvest. Super soft shell preserves full flavor (crack with fingers). Amazing. Wild. Fair-trade. 100% natural - straight from the tree, nothing added. Mixed sizes include AA (X-Large); well stored; excellent quality. Pinus monophylla species. In Stock
1-9 lb: $10.50/lb
Quantity: lbs
10-lb box: $99      
Quantity: boxes


American soft shell pine nuts from the 2016 harvest - gently air-dried at low temperatures (no higher than 110 degrees F) to retain all the enzymes and vitamins! Snap, crack and roll, perfect snack food. Really soft shell - easily crack with your fingers. Ready to eat. Nothing added. Gentle air-drying drives lots of moisture from the nut, intensifying the taste BIG TIME and giving you many more nuts for a dollar! In Stock!
Quantity: lb

AMERICAN PINE NUTS - Hard Shell Pinon, raw, wild

This is the hard-shell variety with the kernels famous for their sweet rich flavor. These are LARGE. Raw. Wild. Fair-trade. 100% natural - straight from the tree, nothing added. Species: Pinus edulis. Fresh October 2016 harvest. Almost gone.
1-9 lb: $22.50/lb       10+ lb: $19.95/lb       In Stock
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Jumbo Nevada soft-shell pine nuts (Pinus monophylla), shelled. They are awesome. Sweet, very rich flavor. We are sure you'll find these pine nuts the best you ever tasted! More than 2 1/2 lbs of in-shell pine nuts were required to create a pound of this most amazing delicacy. 2016 Nevada harvest. In Stock.


In-shell American Hickory Wild Nuts. Fresh from the Ozarks, new 2016 harvest. Order more and save big! Hurry! Order now before they sell out.
5 lb: $25.00   $19.95 SALE!       10 lb: $34.95       In Stock


HOT ITEM – flavor of nostalgia. Hickory nuts will impart a subtle, but distinct flavor to any recipe calling for nutmeats. Old-time recipes regularly called for chestnuts and hickories when these nuts were commonly gathered for winter storage and eating. Many cooks seek ingredients that replicate these old-fashioned flavors. Just in time for a VERY special holiday meal. 8-oz packages (about two cups).
$24.95 $19.95 SPECIAL per 8 oz    VERY LIMITED STOCK! Order Now!


Fresh wild black walnuts. In-shell to preserve their amazing taste. Genuine Wild, not plantation-grown. The old-time full-bodied black walnut flavor. Nothing added. Raw, never heated. Hulled, sorted, washed, then gently air-dried in partial shade. The real, non-adulterated nuts from the wilderness of the Ozark mountains! We love our black walnut trees and never shake them to knock nuts down - we hand-pick at full maturity to deliver you the stunning taste and goodness. From the tree straight to your door - this is what we call fresh! Please see our Black Walnut Fact Sheet (.pdf file, will open in a new tab) for detailed description and to learn how they are different from commercial nuts. In Stock.
10-lb box: $24.95       $19.95    Shipping now


Our witch hazel is 100% botanically certified and alcohol free. Sustainably harvested, distilled, blended on our wild crops farm. Fragrant and powerful. Incredibly fresh - the new harvest just in! No additives, no preservatives, no alcohol. Contains only witch hazel and distilled water. In stock.
2 oz: $9.95       16 oz (1 pt): $29.95       96 oz: $95      

100% Natural Surface Cleaner - 2-oz Spray Bottle

Excellent for car window - put in your glove box and have both aromatherapy and an effective non-toxic cleaning product. Throw away the toxic, mass-produced harsh chemicals and try a 2-oz bottle of 100% natural, clean pinyon power for your surface cleaning needs. This starter 2-oz spray bottle has been designed for easy cleaning applications: easily remove grime and dirt buildup on your car windows, on mirrors and counters. Gently mist your flat surfaces with our cleaner of 100% natural pinyon pine hydrosol. This is perfect for anyone with a smoker (medicinal or tobacco) in their home or car. Leaves a gentle natural essence of pinyon lingering in the air as opposed to an overhanging ammonia smell. Fully natural and produced by Goods From The Woods - A Wild Crops Farm from our pinyon pine cone and nut harvest. Product mirrors the traditional pine waters or pine sols that were naturally manufactured prior to the advent of synthetic ingredients.
$7.50 per 2-oz spray bottle    
$14.95 per pint     Shipping Now!


Our white pine needle hydrosol brings forth all the magic of one of the most powreful and unique conifer species in the world. You must try it to believe it! In stock.
2 oz: $9.95       16 oz (1 pt): $29.95       96 oz: $95      

FLEWAWAY BLEND - Yarrow, Mint, Elderflower

Stay safe from flu types a and b: spray on hair, face, hands and clothing (and it smells so good!)!
2 oz: $9.95       16 oz (1 pt): $29.95       96 oz: $95      


Fit for the royal table, our Ozark wilderness honey is awesome. Produced in a serene remote location in southern Missouri with one of the highest biodiversities on the planet. Wild forests and clear streams for many miles around means wildflowers totally free of pesticides or industrial pollutants. We never treat bees or hives with chemicals, never feed bees sugar, propagate by natural swarming only, and use none of the cruel methods of modern beekeeping. Kept in a way that mimics how they live in nature, our bees are healthy, strong, and thriving. November 2016 harvest. This aromatic batch has amber color and deep flavor with overtones of prunes, dried pears, and aged whisky! Read Thirteen Reasons Our Honey Is Totally Unique. Raw and unfiltered, never heated. Straight from the hive. Safely packed in gift-quality amphora-shape glass jars. Instant hit - order now!
1 lb: $29.95       8 oz: $19.95       4 oz: $9.95       In Stock