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Pine Nuts – energizing superfood from the heart of American wilderness

We have tasted pinenuts from all over the world, and we can confidently state that nothing compares in taste, freshness, and goodness to our American wild-harvested pine nuts.

We proudly offer JUMBO SOFT SHELL Nevada Pinyon Pine Nuts (crack with your fingers) and New Mexico Pinon Nuts. We sincerely feel that they are far superior to any imported pine nuts for a number of reasons:

If you and I do not support our native forests, they will be lost. You might not know that while Americans consume millions of pounds of imported pine nuts from China, there are ongoing efforts to destroy the remaining millions of acres of American pine nut forests! This sounds too incredible to be true, but it is so.

Please make your choice:
Do you want to see American pine nut forests
like this                              OR                             like this?

Pine nut forest destroyed by American government in 2005. Spruce Mountain, Nevada Pinyon forest

We at choose living forests and healthy, local, and sustainable foods – and we hope you'll join us. We have been selling Jumbo Soft Shell Pine Nuts from Nevada and Pinon Pine Nuts from the pinon forests of New Mexico online since 1998. Pinon Pine nuts of the highest quality picked with fair trade, environmentally sound business practices. Preserving this gift of nature is our life's commitment, and you taste the difference!

And we are more than pine nuts! We sustainably harvest and sell many other wild nuts (the hard-to-find gourmet black walnuts and hickories) and wild crops (including botanical certified witch hazel (non-witch hazel USP) and forest-distilled hand-carfted flower essences such as wild plum, wild bergamot, yarrow and much more). The bounty of Nature is breathtaking, and it is such an honor to be a human being and have an opportunity to appreciate, preserve, and enhance this beauty.

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